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A Cambridge Diary

Martin Bond is an acclaimed photographer who works in and around Cambridge. His amazing photographs of daily life and scenes are posted each day on his website and he has been capturing his ‘picture of the day’ continuously for seven years, building a wonderful celebration of Cambridge life.
Martin says: “Cambridge seems to me to be revealing itself in a new way, purely because of how hard I am looking; lately the city itself has become the subject of most of my photographs. I’m trying to take images that go beyond the established rhetoric for the city, which has held good for centuries. It holds a more secret majesty, and I am trying to capture that. The attempt to capture images that are different in kind to all the others taken here every day in their thousands - has proved challenging but exhilarating. If it means crawling under bridges or climbing trees to get the pictures, then I will likely continue crawling and climbing until I drown or fall.”

See his website for the latest entries.