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‘Flower Artistry’

Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE*5
We start the season off with a very well regarded speaker and judge from Ramsgate, Cherry Larcombe. This is a talk about creative ideas to bring out the colour, shapes and beauty of flowers, both outdoor and indoor, and hints on how to produce some unique and original floral art.Cherry posted this on Facebook a few days ago...
‘Did my second Creative Flower Photography talk to a club in USA last night - started at midnight and ended just before 2 am! Have to say though it was so well received and I received such wonderful comments from some of the 50 members who attended, such as "You have brought us Americans a well needed inner peace through your beautiful photography”, Quite an extraordinary presentation Cherry”, “Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and visions with us - just beautiful and inspiring”, “It’s like I’ve never seen a flower before. " Feeling very jaded today but those comments make it worthwhile.’

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