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‘Architectural Photography- In Search of the Genius Loci’

Iñaki Hernández-Lasa, FRPS FIPF AFIAP
We have an evening of excellent photography on view this Thursday evening with the visit of Iñaki Hernández-Lasa, FRPS - FIPF - AFIAP. Iñaki is based in Ireland, and he has a unique artististic approach to architectural photography.

This is Iñaki's own introduction:

What I would propose is to give your club a talk entitled "Architectural Photography, in search of the "genius loci" as you mentioned.

I would explain some fundamentals, covering different sub genres within architectural photography and then explaining in detail my 2 Fellowships: the Fellowship from the Irish Photographic Federation from 2013 and the Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society from 2018.

Both are completely different in concept and approach. When it comes to explaining my FRPS I always like to explain the process of eliminating different approaches and potential panels and explaining the reasons why I discarded those. I would also cover important issues such as paper choice for the panel. This would be followed by an audiovisual with over 100 images.

This is a spellbinding display of work which I highly recommend to members.

See Iñaki's website here

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