Below are the list of this seasons competitions, as well as links to previous competitions and winners. It would be great if all members could enter. Don't feel that your images may not be good enough, it's all about getting constructive feedback on the best ways to improve everyone's photography.

Internal Competitions 2018/19
Annual DPI competition
Monochrome Trophy print competition
Joe Siphos Trophy for colour prints
Themed Panel competition
Bamber Trophy competition
Set subject 1: Song Titles
Set subject 2: Wonders of Cambridgeshire
Set subject 3: Bridges
Pairs Competition
Image of the Year

Internal Competitions 2017/18
Monochrome print competition
Set subject 1: Earth, wind or fire
Annual DPI
Colour Print Competition
Bamber competition
Panel competition
Set subject 2: Raw Power
Set subject 3: Within 5 miles of home