Antarctic Moon Rise
Image of the year (2021/22)
Taken by Nev Tait, chosen by club members.

Please use the form below to vote for your favourite picture in the show. As well as entering the #number (#123) to identify your favourite you are very welcome to enter any other comments on the exhibition. We would love to hear your thoughts, what you enjoyed, what you think we could improve. Please note that to be able to send your vote or comment all fields have to be completed, however, your name and email will not be used for any other purpose than checking that each visitor has only voted once.

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Swavesey Camera Club Online Exhibition March 2023

Welcome to our third online exhibition. This year we holding the exhibition online from 25 March 2023 to 8 April 2023. Our physical exhibition will be held from 10 am to 4 pm on 25 March 2023 in the Memorial Hall, High Street, Swavesey.

In the exhibition you will find:

Display Boards
Each photographer has a virtual display board that contains 4 images. You can see exhibitors names and a thumb nail image of each display board in the section Display Boards. You can click on the name or the thumb nail to see the 4 images on the display board. The individual photos contain some background information about each image. Just click on the image thumbnails to display the individual image with title, photographer name and background information. In addition to the display boards you can also view the images as a continuous slide show (Exhibition Slideshow 1).

Club Competition Top Scores
These are a set of 6 display boards (one for each internal competition held so far in the 2022/23 season) of the top scoring images in each competition. Top scoring are defined as those images given either a 19 or a maximum 20 score by the independent judge).

Open Competition Display
Images submitted by non club members to our Annual Open Competition are on display in this section. No entries were submitted for the Junior and Senior School Categories however there was a high standard overall in the Adult Category. Our worthy winner and recipient of a year's fee membership of the camera club is J. Dalton.

At our walk-in exhibition we will have coffee and cakes for you again (sorry if you are viewing online, you will have to provide your own).

In person or online, in the exhibition galleries you will find lots of stunning photographs from members, so we hope you enjoy browsing through them. Please take the opportunity as you go to select and vote for your favourite image.

Selecting your favourite image

We hope you will actively participate in the show by voting for your favourite picture. At the end of each image title you will find a (#number). Please just enter that #number in the comment box at the left (fill in subject line as 'Vote'. In addition to your vote we would love to hear any comments you may have about the show, for instance how well it worked and whether you would like to see this as an annual feature even when we get back to physical exhibitions in the Memorial Hall in Swavesey.

Total number of votes cast = 2. Voting open from 10:00.

Favourite image in the show ....... watch this space.

The Exhibition is kindly sponsored by Ash Croft Veterinary Surgery (www.ashcroftvet.co.uk) and Tait Financial Services Ltd. (www.taitfinancialservices.co.uk)