Antarctic Moon Rise
Image of the year (2021/22)
Taken by Nev Tait, chosen by club members.

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Swavesey Camera Club Exhibition 23rd March 2024

Our print exhibition takes place from 10 am to 4 pm on 23rd March 2024 at the Memorial Hall, High Street, Swavesey CB24 4QU.

The exhibition is free to enter and we will have coffee, tea and soft drinks as well as a great selection of homemade cakes for sale to refresh you while you enjoy our photographs during the day.

You can also enjoy the images in an online preview with 2024 exhibition images.

Bring your camera or phone
This year we will have two mini studios demonstrating how you can set up a portrait or a macro photograph session. You can see how we go about it and get take some photos yourself - so please bring along your camera or phone to the exhibition.

Inspired to join?
Please consider joining our camera club! You don't need any specialist equipment to start out and you will find lots of ideas, support and inspiration from fellow members and our invited speakers.

Vote for your favourite image
Come along to the print exhibition and cast a vote for your favourite 3 images.

Purchase a print
Some of our photographers are happy to sell their prints. If you are interested we can put you in touch with the photographer, usually the price will only aims to cover the costs of printing.

Our 2024 Exhibition is kindly sponsored by Ash Croft Veterinary Surgery (www.ashcroftvet.co.uk) and Tait Financial Services Ltd. (www.taitfinancialservices.co.uk)