Submission Guidelines

PhotoEntry & FFPx

Entries now need to be uploaded to the PhotoEntry website.

Please DO NOT email any entries to the old “competitions” email address anymore.

Deadline will be 1 week before competition, but actually 4am the next day, not midnight.

Entries then automatically load into Film Free Projection Extended (FFPx) & sorted for display.

Entries can also be automatically sent to the Judge, in advance, with all author information stripped off.

New Rules

You don’t need to do anything apart from entering a title. No Metadata editing is required.

Filename can be ‘anything’ (must still be jpeg only though).
[For example, even _U6A8167.jpg; as straight out of the camera, if you wish]

Images can be any dimensions (Note: 10MB max.), and any colour space.


Although you don’t have to resize images yourself to 1600 px (max.) by 1200 px (max.), if you don’t, PhotoEntry will do it for you.

You don’t have to set the colour space to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, but if you don’t, FFPx may display ‘odd’ colours.
PhotoEntry will not convert to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but you will get a warning.

If you are entering more than one image, the one at the top is your first choice (etc.). Thus, if we need to cull images they will be removed from the bottom up.

You can start adding images well in advance of the competition deadlines.

You can add & remove/replace images up to the deadline.

You can re-order them at any time up to the deadline. (This is great if you want to change your mind!)

You will need to enter the Title for each image. This is the actual title you want to be displayed/read out.

  • e.g. Kylie in Concert, not AndyD Kylieinconcert 1of4

  • i.e. No author’s name or “1 of 4” etc. in the title

You can change/edit the titles at any time up to the deadline.

What Do I need to Do?

To be eligible to enter competitions send an email to the Internal Competition Secretary with;

  1. The full name you wish to use

  1. The email address you wish to use for your login

On receiving an invite you then need to logon to PhotoEntry & change your password.
  • If you forget the URL just Google ‘PhotoEntry’ & logon from the home page

  • If you forget your password click ‘Forgot Password’ at the top of the logon page

Upload your entries at any time to any competition labelled ‘open’, adding a title for each one.

Deadline is now one week before the competition date, but you actually have until 4am the following morning.

Chop & change your mind (including the order of your images) up to the deadline.

Remember that the top image is your 1st choice (etc.)

How to do it

Click the Group…

Add Entries…


Check your entries…

Additional Notes

For print competitions, DPI versions still need to be added to PhotoEntry for digital display and scoring.

A compilation slide is still required for the Panel Competitions. This must be the last entry in the panel.

Additional Notes on Image Sizing

Maximum Jpeg dimensions allowed are X=1600 px (max.) by Y=1200 px (max.)

As said before, you don’t have to resize yourself, you can leave it to
If you do resize:
  • Landscape images have an X dimension of 1600px. The Y dimension is 1200px max.

  • Portrait images have a maximum Y dimension of 1200px. X is <1200px

  • Square images are 1200px by 1200px

And finally...

If you have any queries just ask a member of the committee for assistance and a personal demonstration of the “technical” bits if required. Please do so well in advance of the closing date for the Competition.

Don’t let any of this put you off entering competitions though – it’s easy once you know how!!!