Exhibition Cinema

At our recent exhibitions we have shown a selection of audio-visual presentations made by club members. As we sold tea, coffee and cakes in the room next to the auditorium, one of the pleasures of the exhibition was the opportunity to sit down and watch the show with a coffee and a cake. This year of course we cannot help with the coffee or the cake. We can provide a presentation however. So why not make yourself a drink and then sit back and enjoy the Exhibition Cinema.

Just arrived from the editors Swavesey Camera Club presents you with an audio-visual showing of the images that have been entered in all the internal competitions undertaken so far this year. Entitled 'Swavesey Camera Club - The Competition Year 2020-2021' the AV has the images entered in 6 of the 8 major internal competitions that club members can enter each year.

Swavesey Camera Club - The Competition Year 2020-2021