Set Subject Competition

Image (first image)
David Coverdale
Experienced Section Winner 2016/17
I. Johnson
Image (second image)
The Second time Around
Improvers Section Winner 2016/17
S. Fifer
The subject of our first set subject competition for 2016/17 was “Joy”. This theme was suggested by Dr. Lynn Morgan of Arthur Rank Hospice. Our second set subject competition was “Shakespeare”. 2016 was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, with plenty of media in the bard, so there is no excuse for not being inspired by Shakespeare’s life and works. The subject of our third set subject competition was “Alone”. There is plenty of scope for images inspired by this theme.

This is a digital projected image competition. Maximum entry is four images, each less than two years old.

Set subject competition

Established group
2017/18 R. Harrison
2016/17 I. Johnson
2015/16 S. Shore
2014/15 I. Johnson

2017/18 G. Jones
2016/17 S. Fifer
2015/16 D. Yeneralski
2014/15 S. Tait